Stefansson Memorial Lecture: Learning From the Northern Peoples

We are pleased to invite you to the Stefansson Memorial Lecture: “Learning From The Northern Peoples” by Prof. Leslie King.

Arctic explorers sometimes credited their survival and exploration successes to the knowledge they gained from Indigenous people during their explorations in dangerous times in harsh but fragile environments. More often, the knoweldge of indigenous people has been overlooked. One hundred years later, researchers working in the North have often made the same mistakes by discounting Indigenous and local knowledge. Climate researchers are modern explorers attempting to learn from the knowledge, ancient and contemporary, held by Northern people which may yet ensure our survival. This Stefansson Memorial Lecture will introduce some of the emerging findings from that research that may help those of us in lower latitudes to prepare for, respond to and survive dramatic changes in the social-ecological systems upon which we depend.

Leslie King is Professor of Environment and Sustainability at Royal Roads University in Canada. She holds degrees from the University of British Columbia, York University, University of Toronto and the London School of Economics.

When: Wed. 12/5, 3:30PM
Where: CMU 120
Reception to follow in CMU 202

Lecture sponsors: UW Scandinavian Studies; Stefansson Institute for Arctic Studies, Akureyri, Iceland; UW Canadian Studies — Arctic Studies and Intl Relations, Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies; UW Future of Ice Initiative; Institute for Arctic Studies – Dickey Center – Dartmouth College


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