FISH 290: Scientific Writing and Communication

There are a few spots open in FISH 290 (Scientific Writing and Communication) in Winter quarter. The content isn’t super fishy and that other natural sciences majors should get a lot from the course. We don’t typically open this up to non-AFS majors so this might be a great opportunity for anyone with interest.


This class is designed to teach undergraduate students in the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences and other areas of biology to

  1. Gather published and unpublished sources of information and bring them to bear on scientific questions
  2. Critically read scientific writing
  3. Access electronic sources of information, including but not limited to internet searches, library databases, and public information and data
  4. Learn the structure and functions of different components of scientific papers to effectively communicate scientific findings
  5. Learn techniques for effective communication of scientific information in oral and poster presentations
  6. Understand the ethical boundaries associated with scientific communication.


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