2019 Deep-Dive Dialogue Series

The Deep-Dive Dialogue Series is an opportunity for twelve UW undergraduates of different backgrounds and perspectives to have ongoing (5-session) dialogue about an issue they all care about – over dinner.

Like our one-time dialogues, students will practice the skills necessary to interact constructively across difference; experience personal growth; and explore divergent perspectives before engaging with resolution. The purpose is to work across difference towards a world where there is justice and liberty for all.

Within the extended time-frame, we hope students will:

  • learn about one another’s lived experiences
  • come to understand one another’s motivations, concerns, and hopes
  • wrestle with challenging questions, points of disagreement, and competing priorities
  • map a co-created understanding of the topic and avenues for change

The Basics:

The Deep-Dive Dialogue Series is a 5-session cross-perspective endeavor to communicate and co-create regarding an issue critical to our campus and community. A simple dinner is provided.

Mondays, February 4, 11, 25, March 11, April 8th (2019): 5-7pm

Between March 11th and April 8th, there will likely be another meeting/outing that your group does together at a time convenient for you and without the facilitators.

The application will go up December 15th, and we will be including a section prior to January 1st in which early applicants can vote for various topics they personally would like to focus on!

Space is limited to only 12 students. As always, our goal will be to comprise a group of students whose perspectives and backgrounds reflect many walks of life, but who have interest in the same issue/topic. Please know that if you are not invited to this series simply because of the need to balance the group, there will be other ways to stay involved!

Please look for the application on the website at www.uw.edu/carlson/dialogue.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

My best,


Devon M. Little

Facilitator & Coordinator

Democracy through Dialogue

UW Carlson Center

171 Mary Gates Hall

Box 352803

Seattle, WA 98195



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