Fish and Wildlife Ecology Seminar – Monday (2/4/19) 3pm

John Marzluff (UW Professor) will be presenting Monday (2/4/19) from 3-4 pm in the Physics and Astronomy Tower, Room C520.

Title: Of ravens and wolves.

Being scavengers on the kills of carnivores, ravens have a close evolutionary history with wolves. I will review this relationship and the habits of ravens in general as I set the scene for a new research project just begun in Yellowstone National Park. This project includes the tagging of ravens with transmitters monitored by the International Space Station to understand the relationships between individual ravens and specific wolf packs. Our goal is to better understand how ravens use resources provided by wolves and those provided by people (tourists and local communities). I will discuss our recent research documenting how snowfall may mediate the tradeoff ravens make between scavenging from wolves and people and present a first look at data from one raven that regularly switched between begging from tourists, scavenging from hunters, and following wolves. Based on these pilot data, I will discuss our plans for research next year.

Dr. Marzluff is the James W. Ridgeway Professor of Forest Sciences at the University of Washington. He, along with his students in the Avian Conservation Laboratory study how humans affect birds through habitat fragmentation and increased urbanization. He is especially fond of corvids.

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