Bioswales and Orca Whales

How is EarthCorps helping ocras?

How is EarthCorps helping orca whales?

One of the biggest threats to orcas in the Puget Sound is the decline of their main food source: salmon. The abundance and health of salmon is directly related to how clean the water is.

EarthCorps builds green infrastructure to filter stormwater runoff and prevent toxins from entering the Puget Sound. These projects include large rain gardens or bioswales along city streets.

When water runs off of a road into a bioswale, the plants and soil break down and filter pollutants. Clean water helps keeps salmon healthy, and orcas fed.

Learn more about how EarthCorps is helping orcas—including removing toxic logs from remote San Juan Island beaches.

MA-0686-ce137f45105a5bbd.jpg EarthCorps develops leaders to strengthen community and restore the health of our environment.

We believe in the power of young people to tackle some of the most pressing issues our planet faces like climate change, pollution, and ecological degradation to ensure that people and nature can thrive together.

Learn more about our Conservation Corps program for young adults, opportunities to volunteer, and support our mission.

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