Undergrad reaching out for research participants

Subject Line: Undergrad reaching out for research participants

My name is Cordelia Ilton. I am an undergraduate in the Sociology department working on my honors thesis. I am conducting research to understand how varying social backgrounds and experiences effect one’s expressions of jealousy and expectations of need fulfillment in a romantic polyamorous relationship.

The demographics in most of the research done with polyamorous communities, so far, does not truly reflect the diversity of the community. I am hoping to disrupt this image with my study.

Participating in this study involves one interview between you and the investigator (myself) at the time and place of your choosing. In the interview, I will ask questions about your polyamorous relationship (past or present) in relation to jealousy and need fulfillment. You may refuse to participate and you are free to withdraw from this study at any time. Your information will be completely confidential and protected.

If you have any questions or would like to participate in the research, I can be reached at


Thank you for your time!

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