Fish and Wildlife Ecology Seminar – Monday (3/11/19) 3pm

Subject: Fish and Wildlife Ecology Seminar – Monday (3/11/19) 3pm

Peter Mahoney, Ph.D. (Postdoctoral Researcher, Prugh Lab, SEFS, UW) will be presenting Monday (3/11/19) from 3-4 pm in the Physics and Astronomy Tower, Room C520.

Title: How spatially explicit individual-based models can inform conservation above and below the waterline


Individual-based models (IBM; aka Agent-based models) are increasingly utilized to explore complex questions or problems in ecology. Such growth in the application of IBM is facilitated by abundant long-term and data-rich study systems, which are often required to parameterize such detailed models. The talk will provide a brief history of IBM in ecology and introduce applications from both fisheries and wildlife-focused research. I will highlight my own experiences working with IBM in a wildlife conservation setting and discuss the motivations and outcome of our research. Specifically, I will discuss the genetic and demographic consequences of a small, isolated population of mountain lions in California, and the conservation threats to the endangered Algonquin wolf associated with a 3-species hybrid zone in central Ontario.

Peter a conservation ecologist with a keen interest in research pertaining to animal movement and space use, particularly as they relate to multi-species interactions and predator-prey processes. Peter is currently a researcher with the Animals on the Move team, a NASA-funded ABoVE collaboration, tasked with developing insights into how climate change and variability (past and future) will influence movements and space use in arctic and boreal forest vertebrates, such as Dall sheep, moose, wolves, and brown bears.

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