APRIL Sustainaiblity Professional Development Program

APRIL Sustainability Professional Development Programme (ASPDP) is an 18-month long management-trainee programme run by APRIL Group. APRIL is one of the largest pulp and paper manufacturing companies in the world, with plantations and manufacturing operations in Riau, Indonesia.

The ASPDP programme is divided into three rotations, each covering different roles within the APRIL sustainability department, with mentoring from senior management provided throughout the course. Following the completion of the programme, candidates are eligible for fast track promotion, depending on their performance.

We recently opened applications for the 2019 intake. Applications are open to graduate students who have prior working experience (including internships), and who preferably have some demonstrable knowledge and understanding of the forestry, environment, and sustainability sectors.

For more information, please visit our program page here. I also encourage you to watch the video of our 2018 batch here.

ASPDP 2019.pdf

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