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New SFS Summer Program: Conservation of Asian Elephants in Cambodia

NEW PROGRAM: Ecology and Conservation of Southeast Asian Elephants – Cambodia, Summer 2018

SFS is excited to announce a new special topics program offered at our Center for Conservation and Development Studies in Cambodia
– Ecology and Conservation of Southeast Asian Elephants. This 4-week/4-credit program will be offered during Summer Session II beginning in 2018.

This program focuses on the ecology and conservation of the Asian elephant and is perfect for students pursuing pre-veterinary
studies or interested in wildlife conservation. Due to a drastic decrease in wild elephant populations, the reality of a world
without these charismatic megafauna is becoming more likely. In Asia this is primarily due to a booming human population and
increased demand for space. Elephants are of great scientific interest due to their intelligence, complex behaviors, and social
interactions. Saving these elephants requires improved scientific understanding of the species and the increasingly complex
environment that they inhabit.

In Cambodia, there are between 250-600 elephants remaining in the wild. Elephants have long been a symbol of power and prestige as
well as a symbol of tradition in Cambodia. From the Angkorian Empire to contemporary royal traditions, elephants have played a
central ceremonial role. Today, elephants continue to play a role in traditional livelihoods of the indigenous Bunong people in Cambodia’s highlands.

This program will be delivered at our Center in Siem Reap as well as within the Keo Siema Wildlife Sanctuary at the Elephant Valley
Project in Mondulkiri Province. Students will explore Cambodia’s highland ecosystems, wildlife management policies, elephant
health and welfare, and the pressures associated with increasing human populations and habitat destruction.

Applications for this program are open and space is limited. To learn more about the SFS Center for Conservation and Development
Studies and our semester and summer programs in Cambodia, please visit our website.


The School For Field Studies

100 Cummings Center, Suite 534-G Beverly, MA 01970



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Interdisciplinary Study Abroad Program in Nepal

International Design Activism | Nepal Winter | Spring | 2018

International Design Activism | Nepal is an immersive 1-2 quarter (1 semester+) study abroad program focused on innovative, interdisciplinary problem solving and community-based planning, design and project implementation in the marginalized urban communities of Kathmandu, Nepal. During the program, students will gain an in depth knowledge of the social, political, cultural and environmental context of Nepal, explore Kathmandu’s urban form, architecture, ecology and technology and learn to speak basic Nepali. They will work in close collaboration with local students and stakeholders to plan, design, implement and assess the impacts of a community-driven project and learn about development practice from representatives of local universities, NGOs and government agencies.

Graduate and advanced undergraduate students from schools across campus (Built Environments, Arts, Environmental Sciences, Global Health, International Studies, Engineering, Business etc.) are encouraged to participate in the program during both the winter and spring quarters (spring semester+) of 2018. Students may also elect to participate in the program during the winter or spring quarter alone.

In anticipation of the winter/spring program, we will conduct a Seattle-based/online 2 credit preparatory seminar during the fall quarter (fall semester). Participation in a minimum of 3 orientation sessions during the fall seminar are required for enrollment in the program during the spring/winter quarters. Full enrollment in the fall seminar is not required but is recommended.

The program is sponsored by the Department of Landscape Architecture Informal Urban Communities Initiative in collaboration with the Jackson School of International Studies/Nepal Studies Initiative.

Applications for Winter Quarter are due by June 15th

Applications for Spring Quarter will be due by November 15th

For more information:

Visit the UW International Programs and Exchanges program webpage

Visit the Informal Urban Communities Initiative webpage

‘Visit the Nepal Studies Initiative webpage

Contact Ben Spencer at

2018_Winter_Spring_Nepal Study Abroad Program_Brief_UW_061117.pdf

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Study Abroad in India!

Details HERE

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May 22, 2017 · 7:39 pm

Take French or Italian courses this summer (VLPA, Study Abroad)

Take French or Italian courses this summer and earn VLPA and pre-requisite course-work to study abroad! First year language courses through 103 can count for VLPA if you have already met your FL requirement.

Summer Term A June 19-July 19
Summer Term B July 20-August 18
Full Term June 19-August 18

To make an appointment with Sabrina Tatta, the French and Italian Studies Undergraduate Adviser, go to
FIS flier 2017 summer courses – UPDATED 1.pdf

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Limited Spots & Funding Available: Global, Career-Focused Sustainability Programs

The Green Program


All GREEN Program applications and registration is reviewed & filled on first-come, first-serve basis; Limited Availability

The GREEN Fund
Coming soon!

We partner with a consortium of organizations that leverage the GREEN Advantage hiring platform to meet their talent and recruitment goals while investing in the GREEN Scholarship Fund. Collectively, our goal is to increase diversity in the workforce and serve underrepresented students by providing a transformative experience and accelerating their careers with The GREEN Program.

* Applications for scholarship opportunities will be available soon.
Learn more about why corporations and organizations are hiring GREEN Program Alumni here.



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Wildlands Studies – Summer 2017 Programs

A cozy winter greeting from Wildlands Studies!

We love winter but we can’t help and think about the summer and warm tropical places. We invite applications from students for our upcoming 2017 summer programs.

Wildlands Studies has spaces available on our 6-week programs in Australia and Belize and on our shorter 2-week programs in Banff, Yellowstone, Big Sur and the California Channel Islands. Learning through direct experience and immersion, these incredible programs enable students to bridge the gap between theory and hands-on research and conservation. Students leave our programs well versed in field research methods and data
acquisition, and set themselves apart when applying for internships, professional employment, or graduate school by citing the knowledge and experience cultivated during the program.

Our Summer 2017 Australia Project examines the ecology and cultural history of the Wet Tropics and the Great Barrier Reef while also researching species interactions, patterns of diversity and animal behavior. In Belize, we research wildlife habitats such as rainforests, coastal mangroves and lagoons while studying the rich cultural geography of the region.

During our 2-week programs, we research wildlife corridors in Banff, human-wildlife conflict with grizzly bears and wolves in Yellowstone, coastal watersheds and marine mammal populations in Big Sur, and the recovery of the Island fox on the Channel Islands.

The opportunity to visit such amazing and unique environments, and to learn research methods while working alongside environmental professionals, is rarely offered to undergraduates. Wildlands Studies programs also make great resume builders and preparatory courses for graduate school.

We invite students to review our website: Each program has a full project description, syllabus and photos on the field project webpage. We are currently accepting applications for 2017 summer and beyond.


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History and Culture of Food in Italy

The History and Culture of Food in Italy
(June 26 – July 7)
A cultural history course.

The deadline for applying for this course is March 15, 2017.

Food production, cooking and eating are a fundamental part of human existence, impacting all aspects of our lives: our body, our culture, and our spiritual life. It is an essential element to be considered by anyone studying history, culture, economics and human evolution.

Taught by Prof. Tommaso Lucchetti, one of the foremost scholars in the field of the culinary history of Italy, this program includes lectures, field trips and experimental cooking workshops. This course should not be considered a “cooking class”.

To find out more about the program and review the syllabus, please visit the WEBSITE.

Courses are open to students from various disciplines, both undergraduate and graduate. All lessons are taught in English.

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Information Meeting: Early Fall Exploration Seminar in London

There is an upcoming information session for the early fall start seminar in London.

Wednesday at 1:30 in B-13 Padelford (Grad Lounge).

Early Fall Start in London:

5 credits
meets VLP, DIV, and (by arrangement with the instructor) W credit Contact for more information.

See the attached flyer for more information about the program!
English Dept London flyer for emails.pdf

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Scholarships and Study Abroad Opportunities with Mobility International USA

Mobility International USA (MIUSA) is a U.S.-based nonprofit organization founded in 1981 with the mission to empower people with disability to achieve their human rights through international exchange and international development. MIUSA’s international exchange, leadership and international development programs ensure that people with disabilities take their rightful place in the world community.

Exchange experiences include:

High school programs

College/University Programs

Volunteer Abroad

Professional Exchanges

Learn more about MIUSA scholarship and exchange programs here!



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Study Abroad with Honors–application deadlines approaching

The Honors Program has seven programs this summer, each unique and each an opportunity for exploration, personal growth, new friends, and profound learning.

All students are eligible! Apply by February 15 or March 1. Please spread the word!

Italy (Rome, Naples, Venice) “Mediterranean Crossings in History and Today

Germany “Negotiating Identities and Mediating Communities”

Ecuador “Sumak Kawsay: Well-Being, ‘Race,’ and Gender in Ecuador”

Zimbabwe “Public Health in Action: Research and Implementation”

Peru “From Andes to Amazon: Biodiversity, Conservation and Sustainability in Peru”

Japan “A Comparative Look at National Narratives and Identity in Japan and the U.S.”

Italy “Staging the City: Performance, Power and Identity from Empire to Mussolini”


Questions? Contact Julie Villegas at:

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Certificate of International Studies in Business Program Info Sessions


Are you interested in business, language and culture? If so, apply to the Foster School’s nationally-ranked undergraduate Certificate of International Studies in Business Program (CISB) and get the competitive edge you need to succeed in this interconnected business world! CISB, an intensive supplement to the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, gives you the academic and real-world preparation you need for a global business career through immersion in a foreign culture, study/work abroad, language study, practical experience and leadership skill development.

Language tracks include Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, a Custom Track for students studying other languages such as Arabic, Hindi, Italian, Korean and Swedish, and a US Track for international students. Come join this diverse community of students!!

Information sessions:

Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2017, 3:30 p.m., DEM 233

Thursday, Feb. 9, 12:30 p.m., DEM 233

Wednesday, Feb. 22, 12:30 p.m. DEM 233

For more information, please contact CISB at or 206-543-5985. To make an appointment with the CISB adviser, please call (206) 685-3400.



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Disability Inclusive Study Abroad Workshop, Jan 26th 12-1:30pm MGH 024


This workshop is for students, faculty, and staff interested in:

· Practical advice for students with disabilities planning to study abroad

· Ways that faculty and staff can design study abroad experiences to be fully inclusive

· Rights and resources for reasonable accommodation available from UW

· Learning about making study abroad experiences inclusive

The Disability Inclusive Study Abroad Workshop will be on Thursday, January 26th, at 12:00 Noon to 1:30 pm, at the D-Center in Mary Gates Hall, Room 024. Guest speakers will include representatives from Mobility International, an international disability organization that promotes the rights of persons with disabilities through international exchange and UW students with disabilities who have studied abroad. The workshop is being supported by CHID, D-Center, Disability Studies Program, and UW Study Abroad, Center for Human Rights, ASUW Student Disability Commission and JSIS.


Disability Inclusive Study Abroad Flier.pdf

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Study Abroad with American Indian Studies: Tribal Canoe Journey Field Study

Tribal Canoe Journeys


Summer 2017 B-term

Dates of Instruction: 7/20/17 – 8/19/17

Application Deadline: 2/15/17

Standing Together: Tribal Canoe Journey Field Study at Cape Mudge and Campbell River, British Columbia is a response to the official invitation from the We Wai Kai and We Wai Kum Nations of British Columbia, presented at the Paddle to Nisqually this year at the culmination of the annual Tribal Canoe Journey on August 6, 2016, we quote the invitation here, so that the intention of our host will be clear:

The coastal waters of British Columbia have sustained our peoples since time immemorial, providing access to precious resources and connecting our communities to one another. This common thread weaves our histories, stories, art and families togeth er and helps ensure our cultural traditions thrive with each new generation.

The canoes will arrive into Cape Mudge on Saturday, August 5th and into Campbell River on August 7th. On both occasions, public community feasts will be held. It is anticipated that between seventy-five and one-hundred canoes will participate and an additional 5,000 guests will line the shores to witness history in the making.

Join the tribe on the beach as the canoes are called in and formally welcomed to the territory. What a tremendous opportunity this represents in the building and nourishing of intercultural and cross cultural relationships. Your participation serves to strengthen the nation and their peoples, and demonstrates the unified commitment to working together for the common good.

This program is open to all students, of all levels, faculty, and staff, from all campuses at the University of Washington, and other universities. Participation of the community is also encouraged, and non-matriculating students will be accepted.

Learn more about the program at UW Study Abroad and at The Daily.

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Tatoosh 2017 | Field Studies & Research in Alaska

Summer field courses and research in Southeast Alaska! – Tatoosh School

Learn more and apply at

The Tatoosh School is a nonprofit, university-level field school with a beachfront base camp on Prince of Wales Island and lecture halls in the towns, ocean, and forests of Alaska’s Inside Passage. It is the school’s mission to foster first-hand learning about the ecology and environmental policy of southern Southeast Alaska.

Rigorous academics focus on the development of a sense of place, a passion for civic engagement and a sound knowledge of the Pacific coastal ecoregion. You can earn up to 12 quarter units of credit and leave empowered to explore your surroundings with wide-eyed curiosity and to reach out as an active and informed citizen.

Students are field scientists and participate in several long-term ecological research programs in collaboration with our partners. Gain invaluable experience and professional connections that can last a lifetime.

Choose from 3 summer programs in 2017:


3-week Intensive I: May 17 – June 8, 2017

Community Ecology: Salmon, People, Place

This 3-week intensive focuses on the communities that inhabit the heart of the Pacific Coastal Ecoregion. Conceived broadly, the course theme of community ecology launches explorations from the outer coast to the Inside Passage to study interactions at varying scales and across biological, social, biophysical, and cultural boundaries.

Course description (5 semester or 8 quarter units, 410/510)Students develop an understanding of key ecological principals of aquatic and terrestrial systems, from the nearshore intertidal zone to the high alpine. This class also examines the adaptations and relationships of organisms to their environments over time and space. A community ecology lens adds consideration of organizations and networks on the landscape and in human communities, enhancing students’ knowledge of resiliency and sustainability in the ecoregion.


6-week Summer Session: June 21 – August 3, 2017

The Core Session expedition includes two upper-division classes taken concurrently, one in ecology and a second in natural resource policy.

Aquatic & Terrestrial Ecology of Southeast Alaska (4 semester or 6 quarter units, 410/510). Students develop an understanding of key ecological principals of aquatic and terrestrial systems, from the nearshore intertidal zone to the high alpine. This class also examines the adaptations and relationships of organisms to their environments over time and space.

Politics of Place: Southeast Alaska (4 semester or 6 quarter units, 410/510). Topics include land ownership, public and private land management, conservation strategies, local and regional economies, Alaska Native cultures and communities, and contemporary resource management issues. A focus is placed on the evolution of social and legal structures, and how these structures guide current decision-making.  Inquiry and reason are applied to real-life challenges, and students engage with citizens and policymakers to consider solutions.


3-week Intensive II: August 23 – September 14, 2017

Stewardship of Salmon Rivers

With 990 miles of coastline, thriving runs of wild salmon, and strong communities that depend on the forest and sea around them, Prince of Wales Island is a lecture hall like no other.  Multiple-use forest management has affected the integrity of salmon-bearing streams in Southeastern Alaska, and the effects of a dynamic climate are playing out each year.  Local land managers, nonprofit partners, Alaska Native communities, businesses and citizens are actively working to care for the salmon landscape.  While many river systems on the Island are relatively intact, the time to learn about – and engage in – integrative stewardship of salmon rivers is now.

Course description (4 semester or 6 quarter units, 410/510): This intensive course examines the physical, biological, economic and political frameworks essential to informed stewardship of salmon-producing watersheds in the Pacific Coastal Ecoregion. Coursework engages the fields of hydrology, geology, geomorphology, biology, political science, and economics to develop students’ understanding of integrated watershed stewardship.  Students practice stream survey and monitoring techniques that contribute to long-term collaborative stewardship work while gaining valuable field research experience.

Learn more and apply at

Questions? or 503.347.2599

Like Tatoosh on Facebook for the latest updates, videos & photos


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Sign Up to Study Abroad!

Thinking about studying abroad this summer or next year? Now is the time to apply! Here is a list of programs with deadlines coming soon. Visit their website and check out the information below to learn how you can make your Husky Experience global with UW Study Abroad.


University Exchanges – January 17

Summer Programs – February 15

Early Fall Exploration Seminars – March 1

Autumn Quarter Programs – March 1


Are you trying to decide if studying abroad is a good choice for you? Come and talk to one of the study abroad peer ambassadors. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience and can help you figure out if studying abroad is right for you and which program may best suit your interests.

Drop-in advising: 10am to 4pm, Monday through Friday in 459 Schmitz Hall.


Looking to fund your study abroad program? Visit the Global Opportunities website to learn more about study abroad scholarships or meet with the Global Opportunities
adviser to get advice on funding your program. Deadlines are coming up for summer, early fall and autumn programs.

Free Passports

UW Study Abroad and CIEE are excited to offer free passports to the first 150 students who sign up. The event takes place January 12, 9am – 4pm at the ECC (Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center). There will be a study abroad fair afterwards from 4pm – 7pm. Secure your slot today!

Only students who have never before had a passport are eligible. You must prepare in advance by bringing certain documents, including your birth certificate.

Social Media

Find out about upcoming info sessions, events and deadlines. Get inspired by other UW Study Abroad students. Follow UW Study Abroad on Instagram and Facebook!


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Pipeline Project Literacy Arts Alternative Spring Break 2017



It may only be the first week of Winter Quarter, but why not plan your Spring Break plans now! Apply to Pipeline’s amazing FREE domestic study abroad to rural and tribal parts of Washington State for spring break. Applications to Literacy Arts Alternative Spring Break are open until January 13th.

The Pipeline Project recruits a group of UW undergraduates to volunteer on a literacy arts project with elementary, middle or high school kids in rural Washington during spring break. The UW students are sent out in groups of 5 to 10-12 sites to help young students come up with an idea for a book, write a rough draft, edit the draft, and print and bind a single-signature book. The young students illustrate their published book and present it to the community at the end of the week. At a few sites, Pipeline tutors will be working with middle school and high school students doing college prep mentoring.

Each team will collect students’ stories and artwork and bring it back from the project to compile in a magazine to send out to all of the student participants. Selected stories will be featured in the magazine and all of the stories will go on the web. Following the project, the stories need to be edited and the magazine designed.

DATES: March 19-24, 2017

Apply HERE

For more information visit the Pipeline website.

If you have any further questions, please e-mail

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SPRING BREAK Study Abroad Opportunity in GREECE

This is a wonderful study abroad opportunity for those wanting to learn about Greece AND continue your undergraduate credits.

The prerequisite course is taken Winter Quarter, JSIS A 240 (SLN #22315) Greece Today: The Mediterranean, Europe, and the World for 5 credits, then the Spring break study will provide an additional credit – 6 credits total. Please see the flier for details.

Nafplion_2017_Spring_Break_Flyer (1).pdf

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Engineering Rome 2017 Information Session

If you are interested in an opportunity to go to Rome, Italy and learn engineering then this is your chance to figure out how to make it happen.

What: Engineering Rome 2017 Information Session

When: Tuesday, December 6th, 12:30 – 1:20 p.m.

Where: More Hall, Room 110

What we will do at this information session:

Steve Muench, the program director, will overview what the program involves including what we study, dates, costs, activities, how it fits into your schedule, and why you might find it quite interesting. Heta Kosonen, the TA (who also help design the program and went last time with Steve in 2015) will also be there to answer your questions. We will have a second information session in January.


Key facts about Engineering Rome:

·         This study abroad opportunity is scheduled for August 24th through September 18th, 2017 (it is offered every-other year)

·         Estimated program fee: $4,800 (it does qualify for student loans)

·         Engineering Rome is open to all UW students (graduate, undergraduate, engineering and not engineering). You need NOT be an engineer or a civil engineer to participate – we love everyone – but we do talk about engineering an awful lot. 😉

·         Learn more at:


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November 18, 2016 · 3:28 pm

Water Resource Management in Peru | Summer Break 2017

Water you doing to solve global water issues?

Home to unique culture rooted in the ancient Inca empire, ranked as a top global culinary destination, and home to one of the 8 world wonders, The GREEN Program invites you to explore water and agriculture in Peru as we dive into culture and education like never before.

[1] MAY 14 – 23
[2] AUGUST 6 – 15

Early Registration Specials Now Available: Save up to $400!

Plan ahead! Lock in your reduced GREEN program fee by securing your spot on an upcoming GREEN adventure with your deposit. For more information & program fee specifics for each program session and month, please visit our Terms & Conditions.

* Early Registration Specials are only available for accepted GREEN student(s) who have not yet secured their spot(s).

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Study Abroad: After the Genocide CAMBODIA

Please note earlier-than-most deadline for applications to this program:

December 16, 2016 to allow time for interviews


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