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Study Abroad Opportunity for Students at University of Washington

Study Abroad Opportunity for Students at University of Washington

Insight Global Education is a Canadian based education organization that delivers the Semester in Development program, a globally-accredited study and internship abroad experience available to undergraduate students.

They are currently accepting applications for upcoming terms. In partnership with universities and community-based organizations, the Semester in Development gives current students the opportunity to both study and intern at the same time, while gaining invaluable experience living in a developing country.

The Semester in Development program runs during all three terms (winter/spring, summer and fall) and has been steadily growing since its inception in 2013. As a mission-driven organization, we believe that, by engaging with global issues first-hand, students will be better equipped to create sustainable and meaningful change. We are not advocates nor supporters of volunteer tourism; rather our programs are rooted in an ethical model of local engagement.

The Semester in Development, in partnership with Makerere University and Fiji National University, currently runs in Uganda and Fiji, and will begin later in 2019 in Thailand as well. Qualifying students from University of Washington could be eligible to participate. All students who have successfully completed the program have received transfer credits at their home institution.

Further details on the program can be found here.


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EcoFS Summer field course announcement


Where your education comes to life!

Hello again. Ecosystem Field Studies is pleased to announce another summer-break section of Caribbean Ecosystem Field Studies and Colorado Ecosystem Field Studies and that we are now accepting applications. Can you please help us by distributing the EcoFS 2019 Course Announcement (pdf), or the below copy/paste message, to undergraduate students in your department? Feel free to forward this email as well.

This course is accredited by the University of Montana, Environmental Studies Program (ENST 391) where I am Affiliate Faculty. It is approved for 3 undergraduate semester transfer credits and is open to students in ecosystem related departments and/or majors such as yours. Feel free to review all course info, including the syllabi, at the EcoFS website:

Thank you for considering to make this safe & rewarding field opportunity available to your undergrads. This is our 12th year of programming to over 600 satisfied students and we hope to serve some of yours. Please email me with any questions.

Thank you!
– Prof. Steve Johnson

Copy/Paste Message Below



Ecosystem Field Studies

Full Details:

An opportunity to apply your classroom & textbook learning

while immersed in a spectacular & transformative educational setting!

Caribbean Ecosystem Field Studies

* Study, snorkel & SCUBA dive on the Caribbean coral reef of Mexico *

May 21 – June 10, 2019

Colorado Ecosystem Field Studies

* Study, camp, & hike in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado *

July 26 – August 15, 2019

  • Gain valuable career skills in hands-on scientific field research
  • Earn 3 undergraduate academic transfer credits over summer-break
  • Join a diverse & exciting group of college students for an experiential
    learning experience of a lifetime!

For all course information visit the website:

Open to students from all universities & majors |
Accredited by the University of Montana, Environmental Studies Program
ENST 391- for 3 undergraduate semester transfer credits

Direct questions to Professor Steve Johnson, EcoFS Director at steve

S.gif S.gif

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Study Abroad in Viet Nam – Summer 2019 – A term

Dear Students,

The application deadline for my summer program in Viet Nam has been extended to Feb. 15. There are about four spots left. This may be of particular interest to students with interests in international non-profit or NGO work, international development, global health/social work, as well as post-conflict social and environmental issues.

Bothell and Tacoma students are welcome, as are students from other colleges.

50, USA, giebel

The program pages are at:


Any potential applicants are welcome to contact me! This is a very successful, highest rated program since 2007.



Christoph Giebel, Ph.D., Assoc. Professor of International Studies and History
Director of Graduate Studies, S.E. Asia Center, Jackson School of Int’l. Studies
The Col. Donald W. Wiethuechter, USA Ret. Endowed Faculty Fellow in History
University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195-3650, USA, giebel


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Tatoosh 2019 | Field studies and research in Alaska

Explore wild Alaska, earn credit toward your degree, and have the adventure you’re itching for. Tatoosh courses provide hands-on research experience in summer sessions. 2-, 3-, and 6-week long programs are a great fit for undergraduates interested in everything from biology to art to politics. Dig into our 2019 courses below, and check out @tatooshschool for photos and videos from the field.

3 weeks: May 21 – June 11, 2019

Community Ecology

6 weeks: June 18 – July 31, 2019

Case Studies for a Changing World

2 weeks:  August 2 – 16, 2019

Salmon Class

Learn more at and apply at

Here are the full course descriptions:

3 weeks: May 21 – June 11, 2019

Community Ecology


Program outline

This 3-week intensive focuses on the ecological and human communities that inhabit the core of the Pacific Coastal Ecoregion. We will explore from the Outer Coast to the Inside Passage, and study interactions at varying scales and across biological, social, biophysical, and cultural boundaries.

The CE program begins with a 4-7 day backcountry expedition in the Prince of Wales Island archipelago. The remainder of the program is spent in the forests and rivers of Prince of Wales, at base camp in Coffman Cove, and with wrap-up in Wrangell. Two academic courses are taken concurrently.

Course descriptions

Community Ecology (4 semester or 6 quarter units, 410/510) examines the physical, biological, economic and political frameworks essential to informed stewardship if salmon-producing watersheds, healthy forests and communities in the Pacific Coastal Ecoregion. Students practice stream, upland forest and community survey and monitoring techniques that contribute to long-term collaborative stewardship work. A community ecology lens adds consideration of organizations and networks on the landscape and in human communities, enhancing students’ knowledge of resiliency and sustainability in the ecoregion.

Applied Methods in Field Research and Education (1 semester or 2 quarter units, 410/510) explores methods for the development and implementation of active teaching and research programs that integrate people, leadership, academics, community and ecology. The course describes and uses non-formal teaching and learning techniques, place-based education, and community interaction in higher education.


6 weeks: June 18 – July 31, 2019

Case Studies for a Changing World


Program outline

This 6-week summer session tackles signs, symptoms, and solutions in our changing world. Expedition-based and experience-centered, this program makes wild lands and the working landscape your lecture hall. Base camp is the jumping-off point for sea kayak expeditions, community engagement, and research.

Coursework begins with an introduction to the geomorphology, paleoarchaeology, and ecology of southern Southeast Alaska. Next, we’ll dig into topics in rapid ecological and social change, from shifting salmon species composition in local streams to the changing socioeconomics of rural America. We’ll think about different time scales, and biophysical, social, and political tools for responding to change. We’ll talk with experts, and see first-hand examples of resilience.

Course Descriptions

Introduction to southern southeast Alaska (1 semester or 2 quarter units, 410/510) develops a foundational understanding of the geomorphology, paleoarchaeology, and ecology of southern southeast Alaska, from the outer coast of Prince of Wales Island to the Stikine River.  The course also covers essential cultural and social histories of the region.

Case studies for a changing world: land, animals, fishes (4 semester or 6 quarter units, 410/510) applies theories of community ecology and conservation biology in the Pacific Coastal Ecoregion. Topics include community dynamics in nearshore aquatic habitats, island biogeography, stream ecology and restoration, wildlife ecology and management, forest succession, and water quality. Case studies include at-risk Alexander Archipelago wolves; karst-forest-fish systems; and salmon habitat restoration.

Case studies for a changing world: people (4 semester or 6 quarter units, 410/510) begins with an overview of contemporary natural-resource based economies and conservation in southern southeast Alaska. Topics include economies of place, collaborative land management, public lands policy, and culture, sustainability and resiliency in rural communities. Case studies include the Prince of Wales Landscape Assessment Team and landscape-scale planning; Sitka black-tail deer and the subsistence economy; and Alaska Native leadership in resource management.


2 week: August 2 – 16, 2019

Salmon Class


Program Outline

This two-week intensive is all about salmon. The lifeblood of Alaska, the five species of Pacific salmon have adapted to their changing coastal habitat for thousands of years. Now, from the ocean to their headwaters habitat, their abundance is at risk. We’ll explore why, and what to do next.

Salmon class begins with a 4-5 day sea kayaking expedition in the Prince of Wales Island archipelago. We’ll read up on the geomorphology, biology, and ecology of Pacific salmon. Next, we’ll sit down (or walk around on-site) for discussions with commercial fisherman, hatchery managers, fishing guides, biologists, and public lands managers to better understand what its like to work on the front lines of the last abundant wild salmon fisheries in the world.

Course Description

Alaska Salmon Studies (4 semester or 6 quarter units, 410/510) begins with an introduction to the life histories and biology of Pacific salmon in evolutionary and ecological contexts. The course examines the theory and practice of conservation biology with southeast Alaskan salmon as a case study, and students practice field research methods in a collaborative setting. Next, the course addresses human dimensions of the salmon system, characterizing community-scale economies and reviewing policies designed to support the well-being of Alaskan fishing towns and villages. The course also introduces approaches to salmon aquaculture worldwide and discusses their implications for wild Alaskan salmon in the ocean and at market.


Learn more at and apply at

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SFS on-campus event

SFS on-campus event – UW 2-13-19.pdf

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Study Abroad Winter 2020 in India!

Grand Challenges Impact Lab, a UW study abroad program, is recruiting students for our Winter 2020 program in India. We accept undergraduate and graduate students from all disciplines. If you have any questions you can contact me, Jenny Cronin, the Program Manager (jdmarsh).

Grand Challenges Impact Lab study abroad program is recruiting students!

Interested in a study abroad program that offers hands-on, project-based learning about Grand Challenges and social innovation that will also build your resume? Grand Challenges Impact Lab (GCIL), a UW study abroad program in Bangalore, India, is recruiting students for their Winter 2020 program!

Grand Challenges (GCs) are the big problems facing humanity – things like food security, clean water, climate change, low-income housing, education in disadvantaged communities, and access to health care. GCIL empowers students to address GCs. Through GCIL, interdisciplinary teams of 4-5 students are placed in a local organization with experience with a GC and are challenged to propose, test, and prototype solutions using tools of entrepreneurship and social innovation. Read about past team projects and watch video summaries here:


GCIL is open to junior and senior undergraduate students and graduate students from any discipline. We are excited to help you create solutions that can make a difference and hope you will consider applying


Come to an information sessions on:

Monday, Feb 11 from 1-2 pm. More Hall room 110

Wednesday, Feb 13 from 4-5 pm. More Hall room 229

Thursday, Feb 28 from 1:30-2:30 pm, Wilcox Hall room 264

Wednesday, March 6 from 10-11 am, Wilcox Hall room 264

Sign up for our interest email list to receive notifications about upcoming information sessions and application deadlines.

Follow us on Instagram or Twitter, or read blog posts from UW students currently in Bangalore to learn more about student experiences!

You can also email questions to:


Applications will open at the beginning of Spring quarter with a priority application deadline of May 15th. Applications will be available here.

GCIL study abroad includes a 1cr Autumn-quarter course at UW Seattle, and a 15cr Winter-quarter course (approximately January 3, 2020 – March 15, 2020) in Bangalore, India.

tl;dr – Grand Challenges Impact Lab is a hands-on, project-based study abroad program in Bangalore, India during Winter quarter; come to a information session to learn more and sign up for notifications here!

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NEW 2019 Destination: Nepal – Microgrid Systems for Rural Development

I am thrilled to announce that TGP has added a new destination to our portfolio: Nepal! Focused on the topic of Microgrid Systems for Rural Development, we are incredibly excited to launch our newest adventure this winter (2019). Along with enrollment for our upcoming summer programs in Peru, Japan, and Iceland.

Join @theGREENprogram’s brand new expedition to explore the possibilities of alternative energy integration through #microgrid systems for rural development this winter 2019!

Sign up for more information:

Announcing: The GREEN Program – Nepal
Microgrid Systems for Rural Development
Winter 2019

In 2015, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake impacted 30% of Nepal’s energy infrastructure. In an ongoing effort, Nepal has been taking strides to include solar as a leading source of alternative energy to help with their energy crisis and societal development.

Join The GREEN Program’s newest expedition to explore the possibilities of alternative energy integration through microgrid systems for rural development.

Sign up for more information:

Home Programs Apply
An award-winning, experiential education program focused on our world’s most pressing issues in sustainable development, The GREEN Program is eager to share our next adventure with you:
Announcing: The GREEN Program – Nepal
Microgrid Systems for Rural Development
Winter 2019
Career acceleration, impact, & adventure all in one place.

Join our newest expedition to explore the possibilities of alternative energy integration through microgrid systems for rural development. Through hands-on education, participants will execute off-grid solar design, field project planning, and installation in Nepal’s remote villages affected by the tragic 2015 earthquake.

Sign up below to request exclusive information about the Nepal program. More details coming soon!

*Open to students of all majors

Now Enrolling: Spring & Summer 2019
10 days. Career-focused. Accredited.

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Information session (Friday February 1st at 3:30) for London Study abroad, Autumn, 2019, early fall start

Professor Streitberger will hold an Information session (Friday, February 1st at 3:30) in Padleford B 13 for the London Study abroad, Autumn, 2019, early fall start program. See the attached flyer.

A little bit about the program:

“Great Britain, like many of its European neighbors, has had its fair share of crisis and change. Reading about it is one thing. Visiting the sites where the change took place is an invaluable addition to understanding the past and, in part, the present. We’ll begin with Shakespeare’s age and end with Brexit. Each week there will be a classroom discussion of assigned reading followed by several

site visits and supplementary activities designed to complement readings by bringing them to life. The goal of the program is to help students become more informed about the great crises in London’s culture and their effect in shaping modern London.”

For more information, see the UW study abroad website at

English Dept London flyer.pdf

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Wildlands Studies Announcement





This season students can choose among fifteen wildlife, wildland and cultural ecology field studies searching for solutions to environmental and cultural challenges. Field studies take place in: Australia, Banff (Canada), Belize, Big Sur (California), California Channel Islands, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, Iceland, Nepal, New Zealand, Peru, South Africa, Thailand, and Yellowstone. Information on all of our programs is available on our website: wildlands.


Wildlands Studies Info Session – U Washington – 1 29 19.pdf

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BA in Community, Environment, and Planning | Study Abroad in Berlin


The Department of Urban Design and Planning offers a flexible, two-year undergraduate major called Community, Environment, and Planning (CEP). We’re looking for students who are interested in everything from sustainability, to community engagement, to policy and design. Many students pursue a double major or minor while in our program.


Our application for Autumn 2019 enrollment is due on Friday, February 15th. We have two upcoming events for students to learn more:

· CEP Application Workshop
Tuesday, January 29th from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m., Gould 110

· CEP Open House
Tuesday, January 29th from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m., HUB 214

You can also learn more by visiting our herzomeg.



Join us Summer A Term 2019 to study urbanization, conflict, and community in one of the most historically freighted and contested cities in the world. We’ll explore Berlin’s urban history and learn how contemporary challenges, including climate change, gentrification, and immigration butt up against competing ambitions for Berlin to become a “global city” and for it to maintain its distinct character.


Applications are due on Thursday, January 31st. We’re going to be taking 15 students and students from all majors and degree programs are welcome to apply! If you have any questions, please email me at herzomeg.





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Faculty Led Study Abroad to Rome, Autumn 2019

Study Abroad in Rome Fall 2019 with an English Department faculty-led program!

Distinguished 2018 teaching award winner, Frances McCue and Professor Bob Abrams are leading students to Rome this Fall 2019 through an English Department faculty-led study abroad program called Exploring Fables and Spaces of Rome.

Upcoming Information Sessions:

Wednesday January 23rd @ NOON in Allen Auditorium, Allen Library


Thursday January 24th @ NOON in Allen Auditorium, Allen Library

Students will earn 15 credits toward their English major, or 15 credits toward the English minor, or 15 credits toward their degree (5 credits of C or W credits and 10 credits of VLPA).

You do NOT need to be an English major to apply; this is a multidisciplinary program encouraging all majors to apply!

Some scholarships are available through the UW Study Abroad Office, but scholarship opportunities are also available for you to research through

the Office of Merit and Scholarships.

English advising would love to talk further with you as you consider this life-changing study abroad opportunity.

Professors mccuef) and rabrams) would also love to talk with you so feel free to email them directly.

Best wishes and hopefully we’ll see you at the information session~

And here’s a cool flyer!

McCue Rome Study Abroad Poster 8×11.pdf

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STEM Study Abroad Australia: Summer Opportunity

There is time for everything. –Thomas Edison

You are invited to a summer adventure of research and learning with your STEM peers Down Under. Come find out about 2019 STEM Study Abroad – Australia at our next information session this Friday, January 25.

Find more about STEM Study Abroad by visiting

Australian summer program offers engineering research activities in high-tech labs

Hope to see you there.

A campus partnership for student enrichment and success: College of Engineering, School of Oceanography and the OMA&D Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation program.

June Summers Hairston, Ed.D.

Director of the Pacific Northwest

Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (PNW LSAMP)

In Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)

University of Washington – Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity



10th Annual PNW LSAMP Regional Conference

February 28th – March 2, 2019

University of Washington – HUB

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English Dept Study Abroad Programs

The following English Dept Study Abroad Information Sessions happen this week and are listed in order of date/time:

McCue Rome Study Abroad Poster 8×11 (12).pdf
ROME 2019 flyer.pdf

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Study Abroad in Nepal Autumn 2019

Hi All,The application portal for the 2019 fall quarter LARC/JSIS InterAction Nepal program is up online! Things are off to a great start here. Hope the quarter is going well.


InterAction Nepal | Design, Development, Global Health | Fall | 2019

InterAction Nepal is an immersive, interdisciplinary study abroad program offered with the support of the UW Department of Landscape Architecture, the JSIS South Asia Center Nepal Studies Initiative, the Department of Global Health and Traction | Nepal. The program will challenge you to delve into contemporary issues surrounding urban development in the Kathmandu Valley and respond to them at a local scale through community-based human centered design, project implementation and assessment. You will work with local students and residents of an underserved community to design and build a small-scale intervention in community infrastructure and evaluate project impacts on human and environmental health. You will also have the opportunity to pursue your own research interests through independent study. Program activities include lectures and discussions, organizational site visits, field trips within and outside the Kathmandu Valley, community meetings/workshops and hands-on design/fabrication/construction.

Information Sessions:

Gould Hall, Rm 102

Thursday, January 31st @ 12 noon

Friday, February 8th @ 12 noon

Program Brochure / Applications:

Please visit the UW Study Abroad application portal here.

Applications are due Friday, February 15th


Ben Spencer


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Got the travel bug? – Study Abroad in Aotearoa/New Zealand – info session Feb. 1st

Have you always dreamed of studying abroad, but are daunted by figuring out the cost? Is your curiosity burning for some out of classroom learning? Do you want to see what it’s like in actual indigenous communities around the world?

Join us for a pizza lunch next Friday, February 1st from 11:30-12:30 in the CHID Lounge (Padelford Hall C101 – 1st floor, C wing, right by the doors from the bus stop on Stevens Way) Hear details of the trip, ask all your questions, and meet the faculty leading the program.

Details about the program can be found on the AIS website. The application is open and available on the study abroad page, deadline is February 15th. The class will come through as AIS 375 or CHID 476 and can be used towards the AIS major, AIS minor, or OPIS minor.

If you’re considering applying for this, or any other study abroad program this year, consider the Gilman Scholarship for undergraduate study abroad which awards $5,000-8,000! Check out campus info sessions to help you write a competitive application.

All the best,

Kai Wise
Academic Adviser
Department of American Indian Studies

Padelford Hall C-514; Box 354305

Phone 206.543.9082 Fax 206.616.3122

Aotearoa Study Abroad flyer.pdf

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Sweden: Global Model on Rights

Priority applications are due soon for the Honors Study Abroad program to Sweden, summer B-term. We welcome applications from across campus, students, do not need to be in Honors to apply. The 12-credit coursework includes: 5 cr. VLPA, 5 cr. I&S, 2 cr. VLPA/I&S.

This interdisciplinary program looks to Sweden as a global model on the question of rights. Students will examine Sweden’s innovative human rights policies especially around LGBTI rights and gender equality, and participate in dialogue around rights and advocacy at Stockholm Pride 2019. Students will also creatively engage with Swedish literature, and explore authors, filmmakers, and Nobel laureates whose work has reached beyond the Nordic borders with global impact.

Students are welcome to contact me at kimkraft with any questions. Apply by Jan. 31 for priority consideration.


Undergraduate Adviser / Swedish Lecturer

UW Department of Scandinavian Studies

Raitt Hall, 305X / Seattle, WA 98195-2800



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Limited Availability: Short-term, Sustainability Abroad 2019 & Info Session 2/12

Home Programs Apply
Short-term, experiential education for our world’s most pressing issues
in sustainable development.
We don’t want students to choose between a job, internship, or a study abroad experience. We want them to do it all.
Need-based funding available for select summer 2019 programs | Details here
A competitive program with interest from students and young professionals around the world, The GREEN Program is now enrolling for our upcoming spring and summer seasons. With limited availability on each program session, TGP applications are rolling and programs are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Upon submission, applicants can expect to hear back from our team within 48 business hours.
Explore TGP’s upcoming 2019 calendar

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Information Session: JSIS/IBUS Israel – Summer A Study Abroad

We will be hosting an information session for a 12 credit (JSIS and IBUS) Summer A study abroad trip to Israel and the Palestinian Authority on Tuesday, January 22nd from 12-1:30 in Thomson 317. More information about the program is available on the attached flyer and

We have funds available to provide participants on this program with both merit and need based scholarship. Students can contact either one of us with any questions about the program.

Noam Pianko

Professor, Jackson School of International Studies

Tracey Seslen

Senior Lecturer, Foster School

JSIS/Business Israel and the Palestinian Territories: The Promise and Limits of Global Business Innovation

Meet with Israeli and Palestinian business and technology leaders while traveling the country to learn about the historical, cultural, and political context that has generated, and resulted from, Israel’s business and technology innovations. Perfect for students curious about the impact of technological innovation on human society and the importance of the humanities as a framework for shaping sustainable and equitable business practices.

Email: npianko

Israel 2019 handout(1).pdf

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Peru Study Abroad Program

This year, I am specially excited to have my former adviser and colleague Dr. Martha Groom, joining me to teach this program. Martha was the one who introduced me to the world of tropical ecology and who took me to Manu for the first time.

Our program “From Andes to Amazon: biodiversity, conservation and sustainability in Peru” gives UW students. opportunities for a hands-on ecological research experience, as well as interactions with researchers and Peruvian students in one of the most diverse and well protected areas of the Peruvian Amazon (Manu National Park). We also take students in an exploration of ecosystems at the foothills and highlands of the Andean mountains in southern Peru. In addition, our students learn first hand about the traditional and current use of resources in these regions, and have many opportunities to interact with local people, and discuss the pressing conservation issues they are facing.

More information can also be found here:


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Tokyo X Osaka: Asian Urbanism Exploration Seminar — Apply by 2/15/19

The Asian Urbanism Exploration Seminar is back this year! Apply by February 15, 2019

Information Meeting —

1/29, 12:30 to 1:30 PM, Gould 102

2/7, 12-1pm, Gould 102

Dense, populous, dynamic, and vibrant are words often used to characterize the urban landscapes of Asian cities. The fluid matrix of social life, urban spaces, and transportation networks along with proximity of activities and services clearly distinguishes the major Asian cities from their North American counterparts. This traveling seminar will engage in a close-up examination of the urban landscapes of Osaka and Tokyo, two largest and most iconic cities in Japan. Through site visits and on-site exercises, students will explore both the everyday landscapes of Tokyo and Osaka and their iconic structures and spaces. This seminar will enable students to better understand how cities of East Asia support the everyday life of millions of residents and visitors; how they embody and reflect their distinct urban cultures and subcultures; and how they function as complex spatial systems.

Questions? Please contact Jeff Hou — jhou.

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