Seats Open in ENTRE 370: Intro to Entrepreneurship

Have you ever wondered why some startups become unicorns, while others are flops? How about why some entrepreneurs are able to consistently introduce innovative new products? These are the kinds of questions that are explored in ENTRE 370: Introduction to Entrepreneurship. We are offering three sections of the course this fall and opening up slots in each section for non-business majors. In the course you will learn the fundamentals about starting a technology-based business, create a term project, and connect with the entrepreneurship community at UW and in Seattle.

Section A: T/Th 10:30-12:20
Section B: T/Th 1:30-3:20
Section C: M/W 3:30-5:20



Sarah Allex │ Academic Advisor
Undergraduate Programs Office
Michael G. Foster School of Business
University of Washington
202 Dempsey Hall │ Box 353223
Seattle, WA 98195
Ph: 206.543.4352 │ Fax: 206.616.8225


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Furnished apartment for rent by SAFS professor

Furnished apartment for rent.

We are hoping to rent our day-light basement apartment for fall quarter while our son is away at college. The apartment is located on the west side of Green Lake, close to the E-Line and within biking distance of the UW. It has an independent entrance, bathroom, hallway storage, and a large, open room with kitchen, eating, sleeping, and work areas. It is fully furnished, ready to move in, and has access to the washer and drier. We are asking $1000 per month, and will respond to any inquiries with photos and further details.

Tom Quinn,


Contact information for Tom:

Tom Quinn

School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences


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Norway recycles an incredible 96% of its plastic bottles

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AUT2017 New Class ATMS 493 ECO CLIMA – you could potentially use this towards ESRM via petition 3credit class

ESRM students you could potentially petition this class to count towards the major.

If your students have questions about the course they are welcome to contact the Professor, Abigail Swann at aswann

Thank you for letting your students know about this great course!


Erica M. Coleman

Academic Advisor

Atmospheric Sciences

What role do plants play in the climate system? 
 How is Earth different than it would be without continents with life 
 on them?
 How and why does the atmosphere care about land?

This course will investigate the connection between ecosystems and climate including physical, chemical and biological interactions. We will be investigating global scale implications and the expected response of a coupled earth system under past and future climate change.

ATMS 493 Ecological Climatology AU17 flyer.docx

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Aut 2017 Honors courses open to all UW students

Hi advisers,

Did you know non-Honors students can register for Honors courses once Period II registration begins? If this is something the students you work with are interested in doing, please direct them to email us at uwhonors and we would be happy to issue them an add code.

We currently have two, 2-credit seminars with spaces open for fall.

HONORS 398A:The Brain, and the Healing Power of Poetry
This honors seminar seeks to explore the interface between poetry and the healing arts and science. We will review brain anatomy and physiology, and correlate brain domains thought to be essential to the creative process and the use of functional MRI scans to investigate these brain structures. Students will start by acquiring basic poetic craft and techniques to bring music and emotion into language. The history of poetry in medicine will be examined: its value in retrospective reflection, as a tool for teaching compassion to medical students, and as a vehicle for expression in mentally and physically afflicted patients. Renowned physician-poets will be discussed and each student will participate in vocalization of a selection of their poems.

The format of the class will be in a round table, workshop tradition with constructive, collegial critique. Each student will be required to generate "in-class" writing as well as weekly writing assignments, and to create 3-4 poems relevant to illness, death and healing. A broad spectrum of environmental, socio-political and personal grief can be the subjects for powerful poems that move us.
An editor, co-editor and graphic design artist and publicity agent will be chosen by the class to produce a 30-40 page book of poetry for publication by the University by the end of the seminar. A group reading at the University Bookstore or Seattle venue, in which all students must participate, will be graded as the final examination. Instructor’s role will be as a facilitator and guide to provoke thought, to generate innovative poems, and to open minds and hearts to the possibilities of poetry for self exploration in the realm of illness, death and healing.

HONORS 398B: Discovering European Cultures through Seattle Film Festivals
This class will explore cultural identities of contemporary Europe through films. We will watch 6 films in total. Every other week we will participate in a film festival at SIFF Uptown (students must pay and additional $25 to view the films) and get engaged with their prominent guests. We will learn about Ireland, France, Italy, Poland, and Romania through their most representative works and thus connect ourselves to contemporary Europe and its stories. After each screening we will share our understanding of the cultural profile of each nation in a creative way – designing a poster, creating a Facebook event, writing a blurb for a pamphlet, or a short imagist poem a la Ezra Pound.

You can see complete course descriptions of all our courses at If you or your students have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out!

Thank you,



Front Desk Counseling Services Coordinator, UW Honors Program
Mary Gates Hall 211 | Box 352800 | Seattle, WA 98195-2800

ams723 | 206.543.7444 |

Pronouns: She/Her


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1:1 Tutor-Mentor Opportunity – Open to all junior and senior students!


Please share with any junior or senior students who may be interested!

Program Manager
Academic Support Programs

Undergraduate Academic Affairs

University of Washington-Seattle

Mary Gates Hall Box 352805

161E Mary Gates Hall Seattle, WA 98195-2805



EDUC 401 Email Flyer.pdf

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DACA Support

As you know, Mayor Murray announced $150,000 in new city funds to support DACA recipients. We’re moving quickly and working with community partners to get the word out about free workshops throughout September to help eligible DACA recipients renew their status before the October 5 deadline announced by the Trump Administration. Can you help us get the word out? Please see the attached flyer we put together “5 Things You Need to Know”. The flyer is available in 10 languages. We also have an infograph for social media in English and Spanish.

List of workshops providing free legal assistance and information can be found here:

Also, we got confirmation last night that the Mexican consulate is offering to pay the $495 DACA renewal fee for Mexican nationals. This is huge because a super majority of DACA recipients are from Mexico.

Univision is giving us and the consulate air time next Wednesday to talk about the free workshops and the scholarship support.

Cuc Vu

Director, Seattle Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs
facebook /iandraffairs
twitter @iandraffairs

For more information about renewing your DACA status before the October 5, 2017, deadline, go here:

2017 DACA Flyer Color-EN-FINAL.pdf

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Registration is Open For EPA’s Sixth Annual Campus RainWorks Challenge

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is launching its sixth annual Campus RainWorks Challenge, a design competition that is open to colleges and universities across the country. EPA seeks to engage with students to foster a dialogue about responsible stormwater management, and showcase the environmental, economic, and social benefits of green infrastructure practices.

Registration for the 2017 Challenge is open from September 1st through the 30th. Student teams must register in order to submit their entries by December 15th. Winners will be announced in the Spring of 2018. Each first-place team will earn a student prize of $2,000 to be divided evenly among student team members and a faculty prize of $3,000 to support green infrastructure research or training. Second-place teams will win $1,000 for student teams and a $2,000 faculty prize.

Water pollution associated with stormwater runoff requires infrastructure solutions that are innovative, resilient, and affordable. Today’s scholars are tomorrow’s design professionals. The Campus RainWorks Challenge will harness their creativity and knowledge to jointly advance the agency’s mission to protect public health and water quality.

Learn more at:

Matt King


Office of Water

Green Infrastructure Program


2017 Campus RainWorks Challenge.pdf

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Space open in Community Literacy Program: 5 credit “C” or “W” seminar + 3 credit Internship

English 298A + English 491B = the Community Literacy Program, an opportunity for students at any stage of your UW career and from any major to combine on-campus learning (for "C" or "W" credit) with an internship putting your learning into practice in a high needs public elementary, middle or high school setting.

In English 298A (5 credits) you will meet twice weekly on campus (in Autumn 2017 this will beTuTh 10:30-12:20) in a writing-intensive course focused on understanding and engaging difference and inequality, learning effective inclusive methods of working with each other and with K-12 students, exploring some central challenges and opportunities for transformative public education, and examining the role of mindfulness, compassion and emotional intelligence in learning. You will have opportunities to develop your skill and confidence in discussion, writing, and presentation as we engage with these issues in relation to your academic, personal, civic and career goals We will work with faculty from the College of Education and UW Pipeline, and the final assignment sequence will be career-related writing — including identifying and creating application materials for a job or internship — taught in collaboration with the UW Career Center.

In English 491B Internship (C/NC; 3 credits) you will put what you learn on campus into action, volunteering (@4 hours a week, on a schedule you arrange) at one of our partner public schools. English 491B will appear on your transcript as an internship and may be used toward the field work requirement or as an elective in the Education, Learning and Society (ELS) Minor, and as an elective in both the Early Childhood and Family Studies (ECFS) and the Education, Communities and Organizations (ECO) Major. English 491B also provides documentation of "high needs" school-based experience required for application to Teacher Education programs.

Community Literacy Program is entering its 27th year, and there is substantial evidence of the program’s positive impact.

Contact CLP Director/Instructor Elizabeth Simmons-O’Neill with questions and to request add codes: esoneill

Community Literacy Program flyer.pdf

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Art History 214, “W” course, Seats still available!

There is still space left in this great Autumn Quarter class, Art History 214. Students can select VLPA or I&S credit, and all enrolled students receive "W" credit. Thanks for helping us spread the word with any interested students:

ART H 214: Art of India from Mohenjo-Daro to the Mughals

Professor Sonal Khullar

MTW 3:30 – 4:20 + quiz section

Thomson 101

SLN: 10538

The course surveys the material culture and artistic production of South Asia, which includes the present-day nation states of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka, from antiquity until the early modern period.

We attend to traditional art historical concerns such as the role of the artist, treatment of materials, systems of patronage, development of style, theories of aesthetics, and iconographic analysis.

We relate South Asian art to its social contexts, emphasizing exchange and interaction between cultures and groups, including but not limited to artists, pilgrims, merchants, warriors, and kings; Buddhists, Hindus, Jains, Muslims, Sikhs, and Christians; Indians, Persians, Europeans, Central Asians, and Southeast Asians.

ART H 214 Poster Autumn 2017 (1).pdf

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UW Music Ensembles 2017-18

To Whom It May Concern

My name is Lorenzo Guggenheim, graduate TA for the UW School of Music Orchestras.
I am reaching out to you because I would very much like to spread the word about the many opportunities for students to participate in orchestras, bands, choruses here at UW.
These ensembles are open to all students/faculty/staff members across campus, regardless of major. We would sincerely like all incoming and returning students to be aware of these opportunities.

If possible, I kindly ask if you could you please forward this email to both new and returning students in your department, as it includes PDFs with all the information needed for the coming academic year.

We greatly appreciate your help spreading the word!


Lorenzo Guggenheim

M.M. Pre-Candidate, University of Washington 2018

Conductor, UW Campus Philharmonia Orchestras

Assistant Conductor, UW Symphony Orchestra

(206) 409-6757 – Lgpg

String Announcement 2017-18.pdf

Music Ensemble Auditions 2018-17.pdf

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Business Course Open in Fall 2017!

We have a new course offering in fall that we would like to open up to non-business students. Students can register now! If they have issues, they may contact Foster at bizinfo. See course details below.

MGMT 490: Managing a Global Workforce

Provides a working knowledge of international management as well as theoretical and analytical tools needed to make sound human resource and general management decisions in an international setting. Includes 3 modules:

1. Economic, political, and cultural context of global business along with the employee relations, labor standards, and ethics in the global marketplace

2. Major human resource functions (e.g. staffing, performance, compensation, training and development, knowledge management) in multinational corporations

3. Topics relating to international management (e.g. communication, team, leadership, diversity, and expatriation)

Sarah Allex │ Academic Advisor
Undergraduate Programs Office
Michael G. Foster School of Business
University of Washington
202 Dempsey Hall │ Box 353223
Seattle, WA 98195
Ph: 206.543.4352 │ Fax: 206.616.8225

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Undergraduate Opportunity


Attached is information regarding an undergraduate opportunity through the Center for Growing Talent by PMA. The Center works to attract, develop and retain talent for the global produce industry. They are organizing a student conference in November for undergrads across multiple disciplines – and requested that we spread the word. The application can be found online here –

It also includes information on who students should contact if they have further questions.

Please share with


Advisor & Student Services/Master of Supply Chain Management

Foster School of Business

Mackenzie Hall 259 / Box 353200 / Seattle, WA 98195
206.685.9441 /

Immersion Academy – one pager.pdf

Draft Program.docx

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DAAD Scholarships

DAAD – German Academic Exchange Service Scholarships – Apply for UW priority consideration by October 17; final campus deadline November 1

Highly qualified final year undergraduate students or those who have received an undergraduate degree in any discipline may apply for the DAAD Study Scholarship for a full Master’s degree program at a German university or for study at a German university as part of a postgraduate or Master’s degree program completed in the home country. Research Grants for 1-6 month or 7-10 month projects in Germany are awarded to highly qualified candidates from rising seniors through those who have already completed a Ph.D. (and all stages in between), including those wishing to earn a doctoral degree in Germany. Many study programs and research opportunities funded by DAAD do not require proficiency in the German language, there are no age limits, and US citizenship is not required. Learn more at

Connect with UW scholarship advisers at all three campuses for questions and/or application support for any of these programs (and more)!

– UW Seattle Undergrads & Bachelor’s Alumni: contact Emily Smith (emilys42) & Robin Chang (robinc) in the Office of Merit Scholarships, Fellowships & Awards.

– UW Seattle Graduate & Professional Students & Alumni: contact Michelle Drapek (mdrapek) in the Graduate School Office of Fellowships & Awards.

– UW Bothell students and alumni at all levels: contact Natalia Dyba (nataliak), Director of Global Initiatives.

– UW Tacoma students and alumni at all levels: contact Cindy Schaarschmidt (cs65), Director, Student Fellowships & Study Abroad

More opportunities will be coming as we get closer to October!


Lisa Nordlund

Undergraduate Adviser

School of Environmental and Forest Sciences

College of the Environment

University of Washington

Box 352100, Seattle, WA 98195-2100

VM: 206-543-3077 FAX: 206-685-0790



“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass it’s learning to dance in the rain”


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The Owl and His Sheppard

Absolutely amazing pictures of the animal world

These are amazing pictures, enjoy.

The Owl and his Shepard. Ingo, a Belgian shepherd, and Poldi, a one-year-old owlet, share a very special bond which is evident in the following photos.

For years, photographer Tanja Brandt has made it her mission to capture magnificent photos of animals and wildlife. Recently, the German artist found a new challenge when she photographed the unique bond between two unlikely friends: Ingo, a Belgian shepherd, and Poldi (Napoleon), a one-year-old owlet. The owlet and canine have a special “protector-protected” relationship and that their affection towards each other couldn’t be any more evident.

Ingo lovingly guards Poldi, who apparently “doesn’t know how to live free.”

The owlet hatched two days after his six brothers and sisters, therefore, has always been very vulnerable due to his small size. Comparatively, Ingo was raised by a family of strong, and oftentimes ruthless, police dogs.

“They respect each other and they can read each other,” says the photographer.

Following are some adorable photos of the unlikely best friends:

I just love the picture below…

This one too!

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MS in Entrepreneurship

Samantha Ogle

Associate Director, Master of Science in Entrepreneurship
Foster School of Business, University of Washington

(206) 616-8687
samogle @SeattleSamOgle

Sign up to receive updates on the MS in Entrepreneurship!

MS ENTRE prospect flyer.pdf

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Interdisciplinary Study Abroad Program in Nepal deadline extended until Sept. 15th

International Design Activism | Nepal Winter | Spring | 2018

International Design Activism | Nepal is an immersive 1-2 quarter (1 semester+) study abroad program focused on innovative, interdisciplinary problem solving, community-based design and project implementation in the marginalized urban communities of Kathmandu, Nepal. During the program, students will gain an in depth knowledge of the social, political, cultural and environmental context of Nepal, explore Kathmandu’s urban form, architecture, public spaces and technology and learn to speak basic Nepali. They will work in close collaboration with local students and stakeholders to design, build and assess the impacts of a community-driven intervention and learn about design practice in developing cities from representatives of local universities, NGOs and government agencies.

Graduate and advanced undergraduate students from multiple disciplines are encouraged to apply to the program for both the winter and spring quarters (spring semester+) of 2018. Students may also elect to apply to the winter or spring quarter alone.


he program is sponsored by the University of Washington, Department of Landscape Architecture, Informal Urban Communities Initiative in collaboration with the Jackson School of International Studies, Nepal Studies Initiative. Nepali collaborators include the Tribhuvan University Department of Architecture, Kathmandu University School of Arts.

Applications for Winter Quarter are due September 15th

Applications for Spring Quarter are also due September 15th (with possible extension)

(two quarter (semester+) students must apply to both quarters but may reuse the same application materials)

Please contact Ben Spencer at bspen or visit the UW IPE program webpage for more information.

2018_Winter_Spring_Nepal Study Abroad Program_Brief.pdf

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Gilman Scholarship application now open

The Gilman Scholarship for study abroad is now accepting applications for winter and spring programs and the early application period for summer. The Gilman Scholarship awards up to $5,000 to undergraduate students with high financial need to participate in study abroad. Eligible students must be receiving a Pell Grant and enroll in a program at least three weeks in length through UW Study Abroad. Students do not need to be accepted to a study abroad program at the time of application, but if selected ,they do have to be accepted into a study abroad program before Gilman will disburse the award.

Application deadline is October 3rd

Learn more

Information sessions about the award with writing tips will be hosted by me and take place at the following times:

Thursday August 31, 1pm-2pm, MGH 171

Wednesday, Sept 13, 2pm-3pm, MGH 171

Please share this message in your networks and encourage students to attend.

Thank you for your support

Global Opportunities Adviser
UW Study Abroad

459 Schmitz Hall Box 355815
206.221.6059 / kmparker /

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PhD – LSU Board of Regents Graduate Fellowship – Fall 2018

The School of Renewable Natural Resources at Louisiana State University seeks an outstanding student for a Board of Regents PhD fellowship to begin in Fall 2018. The fellowship pays 30K/year for four years and includes a tuition waiver. Active research programs in the School include a diverse array of topics, such as avian ecology, conservation genetics, wetlands ecology, fisheries, and forestry. Interested students should visit the School’s website ( to identify and contact a professor with similar research interests. If the professor agrees to act as their PhD advisor, prospective students may submit their application to the selection committee chair, Dr. Sabrina Taylor (staylor at Application materials must identify the prospective PhD advisor and include a CV, transcripts, three letters of reference, and a written statement describing the student’s motivation for graduate study. Applicants must be US citizens/residents. All qualified U.S. citizens and residents who apply before Dec 15, 2017 will be considered for the 2018/2019 academic year. Prospective students who apply after Dec 15 will be considered only if a sufficient number of qualified students have not yet applied. Fellowship offers will be made by February 1, 2018 and students who accept will then be asked to apply to the LSU Graduate School. LSU is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer.

If you have any questions, Please Contact Dr. Sabrina Taylor

Sabrina Taylor

Associate Professor

School of Renewable Natural Resources

RNR Bldg. Room 227 (Office 331)

Louisiana State University and AgCenter

Baton Rouge, LA, 70803, USA

225-578-4137, fax 4227


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Union of Concerned Scientists advocacy training for graduate students

A group of graduate students with the Program on Climate Change is working with the Union of Concerned Scientists to bring an advocacy training to campus, focusing on how to effectively communicate and build relationships with local policymakers on issues relating to your research/field of expertise. Additional details are provided below, and at the following RSVP link:

The training is geared toward graduate students/early career scientists, but anyone is welcome to attend. However, space is limited, so please do remember to RSVP at Hope to see many of you there!

Scientists cannot be silent in the face of attacks on science and science-based decision making.

The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) Science Network and graduate students from the University of Washington invite you to a workshop on advocating for science and engaging with local legislators to make impactful impressions that can influence policy decisions.

Date: Tuesday, September 26
Time: 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Location: University of Washington, Ocean Sciences Building Room 425, 1492 NE Boat St., Seattle, WA 98105

We will discuss how to build relationships with elected officials and how to effectively communicate your scientific expertise. The workshop will include a hands-on training to practice conversations in role-playing scenarios.

Lunch will be provided following the workshop. Join us after the workshop for a chance to network and to sign up for an opportunity to meet with a local legislators on campus and put your newly learned skills to practice.

Space is limited—please be sure to RSVP. We will contact you before the training to confirm your registration.

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