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AMATH 531 MATHEMATICAL THEORY OF CELLULAR DYNAMICS is not just a course on mathematical application to biology; it is actually a course on how to understand any complex systems in mathematical terms, and biological systems are simply the most obvious, and deeply studied, subject as an example. Traditionally, theoretical physics is where one learns how to understand the world in terms of mathematics; and
engineer disciplines follow. But using mathematics to understand the world, we only have confidences on simple systems, such as a rocket, or an electron, or ray of light. For most complex systems and phenomena, even physicists are not sure how to effectively using mathematics (e.g., the three-body problem of celestial mechanics, turbulent fluids in terms of the Navier–Stokes equation). The AMATH 531 is designed to introduce you the mathematical understanding of complex systems; it is not about teaching you how to do mathematics; its goal is to show you a possibility to see a complex world through the lens of mathematical equations and formulas. Each year, new materials will be added, so webpages from previous years are only suggestive.

Official description:
Develops a coherent mathematical theory for processes inside living cells. Focuses on analyzing dynamics leading to functions of cellular components (gene regulation, signaling biochemistry, metabolic networks, cytoskeletal biomechanics, and epigenetic inheritance) using deterministic and stochastic models. Prerequisite: either courses in dynamical systems, partial differential equations, and probability, or permission of instructor.

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